We are honored to work with you and your beautiful couples. Here’s some info to collaborate


  • Real Weddings in Wisconsin Only
  • Real Wisconsin Engaged Couples
  • Real Engaged couples outside of WI, having a Destination Wisconsin Wedding
  • Styled Photo Shoots taking place in Wisconsin 

*please note that priority is always given to our vendor partners.


How to Submit

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Enter the gallery link and password. Please provide a gallery that does not require us to download it to view. (DropBox, PixieSet, Smug Mug, etc)  
  3. Must be the full gallery
  4. Please make sure you submit a direct link where photos can be downloaded, and allow us to have access for at least 30 days. This helps us speed up the submission process and ensures you’ll receive a quicker response. 
  5. Send a 1 paragraph description of the couple or styled shoot inspiration.
  6. Provide location (city) and all vendors names and website links

 Additional Notes

  • No water marks, please.
  •  Photo size 1000px wide at a resolution of 72ppi
  • No captions on picture please
  • Once feature is published we will not go in and add vendors, missed or correct any misspelled information provide. We will do our best to double check your vendor list.


We also accept submissions on Two Bright Lights! 

DWW Collections

A monthly collection is published once a month. These will include our main Styled Shoot on the cover. We look for all vendor categories, Photography, video, make up, designers, florists, stationery, bakeries, you name it.

We offer these creative opportunities and ideas first to our vendor partners. For more information please contact us here.



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