Vineyard Wedding in Rural Wisconsin


From the Photographer

I'm a lover of wine & grapes & pretty light & all things that Over The Vines encompasses. If you're getting married & don't have a venue, put this one at the top.

The Bride - Kelly is beautiful (that's a given) but over the last year we've chatted back and forth & I've learned that her heart is just as beautiful. 

The light - That's it. That's all I need to say about that.

Their bridal party. The definition of F.U.N.

Do I have you feeling their day yet?

But the best part? Kelly & Tyler together. These two love each other so effortlessly and passionately. Trying to accurately describe how they interact in front of the camera is something I'm still struggling with. The way they look at each other encompasses exactly what everyone is after. Everyone is after the kind of love that leaves you breathless. The kind of love that you can feel (there's that word again) when you're in their presence. That's Kelly & Tyler's love.