Notebook Themed Wisconsin Military Engagement


From the Photographer

On a warm summer visit back to their hometown, Adam and Kim decided to go back to where it all started 8 years ago at the Chain of Lakes in Wisconsin. With a some time spent apart moving forward with their lives without each other but truly destined to be together in the end, their romance was similar to Noah and Allie from the Notebook - so we had to incorporate the whimsical theme into our session! Adam and Kim are truly soulmates who were always meant to be together. You could see the love that they had for each other with every loving glance, their playful nature and all of the laughter shared during their engagement portraits! 


The Proposal from the Bride

Adam proposed while we were carving pumpkins. I noticed he was very antsy to get the pumpkins that night than waiting to go to the pumpkin patch like I had wanted to. We both got two pumpkins and he had to help me out with mine because I suck at carving pumpkins and he legit is amazing at it! When he was carving his second pumpkin, I was painting mine and making popcorn. I had went into the kitchen to get the popcorn and a glass of wine and he had turned off the lights had me sit down and close my eyes, and when I opened them there was the carved pumpkin that said "Marry Me" on it. He was down on one knee, holding the ring, and I was in such utter belief, that I didn't even believe it was real! I, of course, said yes!


Photographer: Photos by Ciera

Beauty: Savage Mane

Ring Designer: Neil Lane

Venue: Spread Eagle Chain of Lakes