Love on the Lake

A surprise engagement leads to a scenic photo shoot


Their Love Story

We met in Platteville, Wisconsin, where we both attended college at UW-Platteville on New Year's Eve 2014. We were out with our own groups of friends and happened to run into each other. In reconnecting a couple days later, we discovered that we actually were spending Christmas break in locations 10 minutes apart. We met up again soon after and the rest was history!


We have been together two and a half years, since NYE 2014.


Our relationship was long distance from when we met until this spring when Savanna moved to Door County. We spent a lot of time on the road and in our cars driving to be with one another. Good-byes were always hard. On the night that Savanna didn't have to go back to her old drive, we came up with our own comforting phrase, "Guess where you don't have to go tonight? Home. Because you're already here."


While it wasn't love at first sight it was serendipity. We had no prior recollection of meeting each other on campus, but soon found out that we were just one of those couples that seemed to be destined to be together.

Some places that are special to us are Door County, Wisconsin breweries and wineries, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Activities that we enjoy doing together often are running, watching Badger football and basketball games, traveling, and visiting family and friends.


Ice cream seems to be the glue that holds our sweet tooths together! We never miss an opportunity to sit together and share this sweet treat, even shortly before we got engaged!


Photographer: Jason Mann Photography