Beach, Bridge and Boats!


A surprise engagement at Surgeon Bay is the icing on the cake for this couple's trip to Door Country! 

Andy popped the question to his gorgeous girlfriend Savanna while going on a hike in Cave point, one of the many featured parks in Door County. 

Prepared with a speech written up beforehand, Andy was only slightly nervous for the proposal but was rewarded with a YES! The couple celebrated in the nearby town of Surgeon Bay to take more scenic photos documenting this moment along the waterfront, Steel Bridge, beach, and Canal Station Lighthouse.  


Photographer: Jason Mann Photography

Venue: Cave Point County Park 


Andy and Savanna met in their college hometown of Platteville, Wisconsin on New Year's Eve in 2014. They ended up reconnecting a few days later only to discover that they were spending Christmas break in locations just 10 minutes apart. The rest was history! Starting as a long distance journey, much of their time was spent driving to be with one another but it proved to be well worth it. 


"While it wasn't love at first sight, it was serendipity. We had no prior recollection of meeting each other on campus, but soon found out that we were just one of those couples that seemed to be destined to be together.  Activities that we enjoy doing together often are running, watching Badger football and basketball games, traveling, and visiting family and friends."