Romantic Spring Wedding

Meet Abby and Ryan. 

Meet Abby and Ryan. 

Photographer: Colleen Bies 

Venue: Surg On The Water 

Dress: Bucci's Bridal 

Floral: Fiori Di Sole

Bakery: Simma's Bakery

DJ: A Personal Touch  

From the Photographer: 

"Their wedding day started off beautifully! Springtime in Milwaukee can certainly be a hit or miss sometimes but I think we got lucky and got a little bit of both. I did end up in a torrential downpour but wow did we get lucky and miss all the downpours by a few minutes each. We had plenty of time for stunning wedding photos and they still had time to mingle with friends and family during cocktail hour. Speeches stole our hearts and left us laughing to tears while Dad touched the hearts of his little princesses! Abby and Ryan have a day to remember always and people that will be there to support them through it all. I'm so honored to have been selected out of a sea of photographers to document their wedding day."