Valentine's Day Ideas for the Engaged Couple

As an engaged couple, you are busy saving and planning for a wedding! It is okay to skip the romantic getaway or expensive dinner to simply enjoy each other's company by reminiscing on the past or creating traditions for the future. 

1. Replay the night you met, where you first said "I love you," or where a hilarious moment took place. Go to the restaurant, bar, or venue and revisit one of your best memories as a couple. 

2. If this is your first anniversary as an engaged couple, there is no better time to start a new Valentine's Day tradition. Whether it be dinner at your favorite restaurant, tickets to a concert, a living room picnic or writing love notes-this will be a tradition that you look forward to for years to come as you move into married life. 

3. Be adventurous and do something quirky! Pretending you are on a first date or are teenagers again and go rock climbing, skiing, bowling, or even take a cooking class!

4. Schedule your engagement photos for Valentine's Day! If possible, take the day off work, spend the day with your fiance, and document your first Valentine's Day as an engaged couple with engagement photos. Although February weather in Wisconsin is typically less than ideal, plenty of couples choose to take their engagement photos in a coffee shop or brewery. Pick a spot that feels natural and inviting to both of you-if you aren't nature people, don't strive for an outdoor photo shoot!

5. If the sky is clear, head out to a scenic lake overlook and stargaze. The temperature will be too chilly to lay outside, but still bring a blanket to snuggle in the car.