Northern Wisconsin Lakeside Wedding


From the Photographer

The rain dried up in the sky at Little Creek Lodge that Friday afternoon. The raindrops against the tent began to silence as the crowd continued to talk. Clouds began to break apart making way for the sun. The wind that was pushing against them all day calmed to a gentle breeze. Looking at each other, nodding a silent agreement. They moved toward the tent door and stepped outside only to be greeted by the welcoming sun. Heating up their chilled skin. They began walking toward the pond where they just met to say their vows. Facing each other, love poured out of their eyes.

Tyler and Alicia have a relationship that was built first on friendship. They aren’t afraid to laugh with each other or at each other. If you can laugh together in a relationship, it makes the difficult parts easier. They are both strong individuals that have faced every challenge that has been given to them. Together, their strength will be unmatched. They will be able to overcome any challenges life has to offer.