Incorporating a 4-Legged Friend in Your Wedding

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Including a fur baby in your wedding day is becoming increasingly popular as more and more couples are viewing their pets as part of the family. What are the top ways to make your 4-legged friend forever a part of your wedding day? 

1. Dress your pet in wedding attire-whether that be a fancy dress or a suit made for a dog. You can find them everywhere! Try Etsy for a customizable pup tux!

2. Include them in the save-the-date cards. They can even be holding a date announcement for the photo!

3. Girl pet? Have them be the flower girl. However, this can be tricky, so it's recommended that the flower girl walk down the aisle with her accompanying "flower pet." Putting your young flower girl in charge of your pet will make her beam!

4. Boy pet? Ring bearer! Similar to the flower girl, if your pet can not come on command (or walk in a straight line without being distracted by all the new sights and smells), have your ring bearer walk down the aisle with your pet. 

5. At the reception, incorporate your pet into the table number cards. A funny photo of your pet at each table will have your guests talking! 

6. If your guests are pet lovers too, give away both human treats and dog or cat treats for your guests to take home!

Where could this go wrong? Hmm...just about every step of the way! You know your pet best. How well socialized are they? How do they handle a new and overwhelming environment? What is their track record with jumping on tables and eating food you had just prepared...

Trusting your pet is the first step in deciding whether or not you want your pet to physically be at your wedding, or just in spirit through decor. Consider hiring a pet sitter, or enlisting a younger sibling or relative to pet sit! Giving a younger guest a task makes them feel important on your wedding day.