Crafting Your Signature Cocktail

Front Room Photography

Front Room Photography


Many couples like to incorporate a Signature Cocktail or two into their reception. Creating your cocktail involves adding a little bit of what both of you like to create something memorable and delicious! How do you go about creating your cocktail? It can actually be quite simple.


1. Consider two unique cocktails, one for each partner. They can either choose to create their own, or simply have their favorite cocktail as an option. This caters to both sides of the wedding party!

2. Keep your theme and color in mind. If it is a barnyard wedding, consider drink combinations such as whiskey and lemonade, bourbon and sweet tea, or even a spiked milkshake! For a formal reception, incorporate champagne or your own take on a classic Martini.  Instead of dyeing the drink, simply add a fruit or garnish that matches the wedding colors. Dragonfruit, grapefruit, guava, melons and peach are fun and unique fruits to add! 

3. The alcohol matters! You can make a cocktail with less alcohol, to appeal to every guest and cut costs. Consider finding a local brewery or distillery to purchase the alcohol from. 

4. Instead of creating a completely new cocktail, think about what you were drinking when you first met, or the signature cocktail of the bar or city where you first met, and serve that! 

5. There is no need to go over-the-top! Pick an alcohol, a mixer, a fruit to muddle or mix in, and a garnish such as mint, ginger, or a sugared rim. Have a fun night at home mixing together your favorites to create a concoction you both love! 

6. Coordinate with your bartender! Speak with them ahead of time to know which cocktail combinations have gone over great from their experience. Consider Heather Rae Mobile Bartending!