Veil-Yes or No?

Although timeless traditions imply that to complete your gown and feel like a bride, you need a veil. However, more brides are choosing to forego this custom for the sake of showing off their hair, dress, or modernizing their wedding! Veil or no veil, your wedding day look will be elegant and unique. 

Why would you want to incorporate a veil into your wedding day attire? 

  • Honor a mother or grandmother by wearing her veil
  • A formal wedding ceremony in a church
  • Grandiose photo opportunities 
  • A veil looks stunning with an updo
  • Your wedding theme is elegant and timeless

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Why would a bride choose to forego a veil?

  • You want to show off your hairdo or the back of your gown
  • Your ceremony is outdoors, and a veil will naturally stick to your back if you are warm
  • The ceremony has a modern theme
  • It can be distracting in photos
  • It is an added expense, and you have never envisioned yourself in a veil

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