Selecting Groomsmen Attire


1. Consider cost, since all of the groomsmen will most likely be able to afford something different. Renting a suit may be an option, if the groomsmen decide that is the more practical and cost-effective route. 

2. The suits do not necessarily have to be the exact same. Give the groomsmen a color, and allow them to show their personal style. Or, have all the suits match, but allow the groomsmen to choose their own patterned tie, within the same color scheme. 

3. Allow your groomsmen to choose their own footwear. If the rest of the ensemble all matches, letting them pick footwear is a way for them to incorporate their own style. This can be dress shoes, or, depending on the theme of the wedding, sneakers or cowboy boots. 

4. Contrast with the groom. If the groom is wearing a white tux, the groomsmen can wear black suits. If the groom is wearing a navy tux, the groomsmen can wear gray or tan, and so on. Consistent ties will draw the wedding party together, but isn't necessary. 

5. Have the groom pick out fun socks, cufflinks or pocket squares for the groom-as a thank you for being there for them along the way.