Dessert Bar Ideas for a Rustic Wedding


A "naked cake" is a becoming a popular wedding trend among rustic-themed weddings. Fill the middle layers with icing, mousse, or strawberry filling. Add flowers and fruit to the top for a unique touch. 


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A "Birch" themed wedding cake is perfect for a Wisconsin wedding. Add a fun touch by carving names into the cake!


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"Mini cakes," such as cupcakes or individual strawberry shortcakes are a fun way to pass out dessert quickly, or avoid the hassle of cutting and passing out a large cake. 



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4.                                                                                 5. 

Decorate the cake with plants such as eucalyptus or succulents. Live plants on a cake must be done thoughtfully, as some plants are harmful if ingested. However, if removed before the cake is cut, plants will make for a memorable cake. 

Decorate the cake with flowers, such as roses, daisies or baby's breath. Wildflowers will add a simplistic and rustic touch. Some flowers can be edible! 

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5. Quirky saying! "Love is sweet, take a treat" is clever, but if you feel it is overdone here are other other simple ideas:

-Love at first bite

-Give me some sugar

-How sweet it is

-I love you like a fat kid loves cake

6. Have a "candy bar," where the bride and groom's favorite candy is featured, as well as Wisconsin-made traditions such as Cow Pies and Melty Bars. 

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7. Donuts! This trendy alternative to cake for guests is easy to eat, and can be taken in so many different directions. 





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8. Hay bails as dessert buffet tables are a fun touch, whether your reception is outdoors or in a barn! 



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10. S'mores bar-whether you have an outdoor bonfire to end the night or a small indoor flame to roast marshmallows, nothing feels more like a Wisconsin summer night than S'mores. Have fun with the toppings, did you know that Reese's and Rolos are great alternatives to a chocolate bar? 

9. Pie! Either a large selection to hand out slices, or a mini pie for each guest. Apple, cherry and pecan are always a hit, but you can spice up the selection depending on the season. Try an apple rhubarb, blueberry basil or gingerbread mini pie!