Unique Elements to Add to Your Wedding

The Dress...


Shades of pink, blue, and off-white are elegant and becoming increasingly common. For the daring and non-traditional, black or red are also stand-out and memorable. 


A dress with sleeves does not have to scream winter or ultra-conservative, especially with an open back. If you are concerned about being too warm, consider a second dress for the reception. 


For a rustic wedding, consider a vintage dress. The lace, beading and satin of an a vintage dress are sure to stun guests. Reuse a relative's dress, or search online or at a vintage store. Purchase right away rather than contemplating, the odds of the dress not being there again are high!

                                                                            Brown Street Studios



Skip the trinkets that will end up in a guest's miscellaneous drawer! 

  • The best favors are gifts that one can never have too many of...

    • Wine stopper
    • Cards
    • Candles
    • Small potted plants, such as succulents-seeds are great, yet are more likely to go unused!
  • Or can be consumed immediately...
    • Cold brew or coffee grounds
    • Candy-consider handing out "his favorite" and "her favorite" candy bars!
    • Mini alcohol
    • Hangover kits!

Themed Wedding...

Blu Moose



  • Cotton candy and popcorn makers
  • Kissing booth
  • Tickets for carnival games


  • Save the Date "tickets"
  • Beer on tap
  • Guests sign a football


  • Bob for apples
  • Queen of the Night Tulips
  • Candleabras

Pumpkin Patch

  • Hay bales
  • Hot chocolate and apple cider
  • Sunflowers, succulents, orange Dahlias

Backyard Picnic

  • Picnic tables and hay bales
  • Finger foods
  • Lemonade and champagne bar
  • Wildflower centerpieces


  • Princess ballgown
  • Twinkling outdoor lights
  • Roses


Mad Chicken Studios