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Kendra oxendale photography- destination Wisconsin wedding blog
Minneapolis engagement session - Kendra Oxendale
Kendra oxendale photography - destination Wisconsin wedding
Kendra Oxendale Photography - Destination Wisconsin Wedding

Photography: Kendra Oxendale Photogrphy

About The Couple

Celso and Chayna are having a mini destination wedding to Wisconsin Dells, about 1.5 hours from their home. Their journey started long before they knew it did. Chayna met her best friend in 7th grade named Zabrina Lynn Garcia. She became close to Zabrina's family, which Celso is her cousin. Life carried on and years of memories were made. Zabrina left this world in 2005, but left Chayna with all the love and memories they shared as best friends including Zabrinas amazing family.

Fast forward to the winter and summer of 2014 Chayna and Celso ran into each other numerous occasions because of his family and Chayna's connection to them, and shortly after became "Facebook friends". Messages were exchanged and phone numbers where given to each other. Celso and Chayna's first "date" was to one of the local fairs in town. From the moment Chayna got into his truck there was a sense of ease and reassurance that everything was going to be okay and in that moment they both knew their lives would forever be changed and as one together.

Celso and Chayna have been inseparable ever since and the bond and friendship is unlike any other connection they have experienced in their lives. God and Zabrina knew they needed to go through struggles before their paths crossed in life, so they could truly appreciate one another.