Minimalistic Industrial Wedding in Southern Wisconsin

From the Photographer.. 

"Samantha & Luke, the couple you wish you were best friends with. Samantha, the lively, hilarious, straight-forward bride & Luke, the relaxed, yet smart alek, but still loving groom, make some of the best parents and lovers I have ever seen.

It's the wedding day and Samantha is running around like crazy showing off all of her gorgeous decorations while the girls are getting ready. Luke, on the other hand, is having man time with the groomsmen upstairs while trying to peer out his hotel room window to catch a glimpse of his bride, whom happens to be outside. Their day is exactly the same as every other couple getting married, in the sense of the days events. Yet, these two, with their stories spoken between friends, their actions, their words, they show that they are in love, and any person can see and feel their intensity that they feel towards each other.

As I sit at the end of the aisle, the ceremony commences and one by one, the bridal party walks down towards me, until "she" arrives.

Samantha is now standing and looking at her future husband. The intensity, the love, the passion, the glow, the feeling all brides relate to, yet can't explain happens in her mind and is seen on her face as she progresses forward. While she is doing so, Luke is seen with the most memorable smirk/smile on his face.

As the rest of the day unfolds, it is difficult to explain the complexity of these two and the love they share. They are a normal couple on the outside, yet are the best of friends on the inside. A dynamic duo whom seem unbreakable, and a couple in which I truly believe who will demonstrate their love for other couples to learn and relate from as time passes."

Photographer: Erik Anderson - Photography

Venue: Ironworks Hotel


Catering: Abreo 

Entertainment: Admit One DJs

Stationary: Adoration

Dress: Here Comes the Bride

Apparel: Men's Warehouse

Floral: Pepper Creek

Bridesmaid Dresses: Veils and Tails