5 Ways to Be An Awesome Bridesmaid!

LK Design Studio

LK Design Studio




1. Be the Bride's #1 Fan

Your bride is going through a very stressful time, make sure she knows that she can always depend on you and you will be supportive! Remember that she is a close friend and may need you now more than ever


2. Don't Complain about the Dress

This is the one day in your life where you need to wear something that you may not like. It may be difficult to find a dress that looks good on everyone, it may not be your favorite, you must wear it with a smile 

Casey Hurley Photography 

Casey Hurley Photography 

3. Plan a Great Bachelorette Party

Be sure to take the bride's personality into account - she may not be the last night club type of girl, remember this is her bachelorette party not yours. Get creative - think wine trolley tour, craft bar, or a cabin weekend


4.  Prepare for the Worst

It is your job to ensure the bride is taken care of and minimize the amount of things that could go wrong. Be sure to pack an emergency kit with bobby pins, double sided tape, hair spray, ect. Make sure you have a plan for the things that may go wrong, such as bad weather, forgotten items, or an absent vendor


5. Have Fun!

Remember that one of your best friends is getting married! Be sure to destress and have fun with her - celebrate this time together and cheers to the newlyweds