Tips to Planning a Barn Wedding

Casey Hurley Photography

Casey Hurley Photography

Barn weddings are a unique trend that is extremely popular in Wisconsin, of course! But, how in the world do you manage to plan a wedding in such an unusual venue?? 

1. Enlist the Experts

 Your vendors are the pros and will think of things that you may never have. A few important items are:

FLOOR PLAN - Barns are typically not a rectangular room and need special consideration for serving and dancing

Casey Hurley Photography

Casey Hurley Photography

BAR SERVICE - Since barns are not a typical venue, they may not have a liquor license and may require you to bring in your own alcohol; your experts will know the laws and regulations to assure you are covered

2. Expect the Unexpected

NOISE - Many barns are located within communities, it is important that you know the noise ordinance in the area; this will prevent any unwanted security interrupting your night

ALLERGY - Between the hay, horses, and pollen, your guests may have allergies to your venue, be sure the keep this in mind. Make plans to have your ceremony away from any animals to ensure your guests a comfortable experience

3. Prepare for Bugs

You must remember that you have selected a barn venue, including its pesky friends. There will be bugs, keep your guests in mind. Include bug spray outside, around the campfire, or in the bathrooms for your guests to keep itch-free

Angela Divine Photography  Tara Draper Photography

Angela Divine Photography

Tara Draper Photography

4. Ditch the Heels

Keep the rustic theme in mind, your feet will thank you! With the uneven terrain be sure to stick with your glitter flats to dance all night 

5. Potty Problems

Barns typically do not have the most attractive bathrooms, some do not have bathrooms at all! Take into consideration having a tented walk way to outdoor bathrooms or a hyigene kit with essentials to keep your guests happy throughout the night.