These two had the best hashtag ever, oh and they met at the World Dairy Expo.

World Dairy Expo - a magical time for many in the dairy industry, and the place where Travis and Bethany met. In the fall of 2014, Bethany had begun her second year as the Milkhouse Chair at World Dairy Expo, where she spent many hours managing the milking parlor, collecting milk samples, and dealing with discard milk. One fateful morning - the day after her 21st birthday to be exact - she was desperately trying to radio to the "milk runs" crew to have someone come pick up the nearly overflowing discard milk. Travis was one of the handsome milk run crew members, and he quickly came to Bethany's rescue. When they were picking up the milk, he turned to Bethany (who he had heard was a pretty "chill" lady) and said "So I hear they call you Tequila Sunrise. My name's Big Fudge." This was his version of a pickup line. Needless to say, Bethany wasn't overly impressed. But hey, in the end it worked.

Later that week, Bethany radio'ed to ask the score of the Badger's football game, and Travis was impressed when she was able to clearly express her dislike for Joel Stave, the Wisconsin Badgers' quarterback. He knew then that this was a woman worth pursuing.

World Dairy Expo came to a close, but the sparks continued to fly between Bethany and Travis. They would see each other every Monday and Wednesday in between classes, and Travis always made sure to wave. Eventually, he decided to take it to the next level and ask her on a date. Through a fateful "Game of Odds", Bethany agreed to accompany Travis to Babcock Co-op's annual "Black Tie" dance. A couple of dates and many text messages later, Bethany gave a vehement "yes!" when Travis asked her to be his girlfriend.


Alisha Marie Photography 




Vera’s House of Bridal (Madison, WI)




            Heartfelt Floral (Lomira, WI) – Nancy Kohlmann



Ceremony Venue 

St. Vincent’s Catholic Church, St. Jude the Apostle Parish – Brad Gallenberg, Administrative Assistant



Reception Venue: 

            Becket’s – Kris Larson, owner



DJ/ Entertainment Services:

            Record Entertainment (Fond du Lac, WI) – Andy Mueller, DJ





            Sabrina Lea Photography



Bridesmaids Dresses: 

            Bill Levkoff, Simply Elegant Bridal Salon (Rice Lake, WI)



Groomsmen and Groom attire:

            Men’s Wearhouse (Madison, WI Store #4640)




            Hand-made J