Navigating Natural Disasters

1. Talk to your wedding planner and venue FIRST!

As a wedding planner, it is their job to understand the ins and outs of what to do for an outdoor wedding when the weather is less than perfect. Discuss inclement weather plans with your wedding planner as soon as you book your venue. Then with only days out, if the weather looks less than ideal, contact your wedding planner to discuss a plan B. If there is a 50% chance of showers, odds are you will be okay for the amount of time you and your guests will be outdoors. However, if storms are expected for that upcoming week, it is best to discuss. If a plan B is not already set in place with your wedding planner, contact the venue to ask what they do in the case of inclement weather. 

2. If it is not possible to move the party indoors, and the venue is allowing for you to reschedule, pick a new date BEFORE contacting your guests. 

Ask for your guests to respond immediately that they have received your notice of rescheduling. An email is the best mode of delivery, however phone calls and texts may also be necessary. Given that guests may be flying, canceling tickets may be a bit tricky. Therefore, only reschedule the wedding if it will be dangerous to be outside that day, not just if a rain shower rolls through.

3. Purchase the right accessories to protect your dress and shoes.

If rain is in the forecast, wear waterproof makeup, bring an umbrella, pack a rain coat or poncho and carry along a pair of rain boots. It may be smart to also purchase a lot of umbrellas for your guests. If it does not rain, they can be returned. However if it does, it will be a nice added item of wedding memorabilia for your guests. 

4. Most importantly, don't let bad weather ruin your wedding day!

Rain on your wedding day is good luck, right? Either way, no wedding day is perfect. If imperfect weather occurs on your big day, allow yourself to be frustrated only for a minute, and move on. You and your guests are there to celebrate the relationship, not judge you for factors beyond your control.