Tips for Attending a Wedding Show

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1. Wear comfortable shoes

You will be on your feet for hours, so comfortable footwear is key. 

2. Create a wedding email address

At nearly every booth, you will be asked to enter your contact info to receive more information. By creating a separate email, your wedding planning process will be more organized and efficient! 

3. Enter to win every chance you get!

A lot of booths will have a drawing for free giveaways, so why not try!

4. Take a lot of notes and photos!

For companies you like, jot down what you spoke about at the booth, where the booth was located at the show, any details regarding pricing, and of course the name and location of the vendor. Then, take a photo of first the vendor signage to remember the name, and then photograph the details. 

5. Eat beforehand

If you go to a show starving, you will not fully be able to enjoy each booth. You also may be too tempted to indulge in every food stand, which is great if you're still looking for a caterer or bakery! However, food typically tastes better when we're hungry, so taste-testing on an empty stomach isn't a great idea. 

6. Don't enter your contact info at every booth, or feel obligated to

Go into the show with an open mind, yet still have a clear list of what vendors you are still in need of, and the price point. Your time is valuable, so keep that in mind as you go from booth to booth. 

7. Don't bring your entire bridal party with you

It will get very overwhelming the more people you bring with. Instead, opt for just your mom, sister, maid of honor, or even fiance! It is completely acceptable to bring your fiance, as long as they are excited about attending as well. 

8. Plan ahead of time for the booths that you MUST see

View a map of where each vendor is located, and to utilize your time most efficiently, map out the best path in order to see all of the vendors. 

9. Talk to other brides

Learn from others in your same position! They may have insight into great discounts on vendors, a venue you hadn't thought of before, or recommend an incredible photographer. 

10. Connect with vendors on social media

If a vendor is displaying their social media information, connect immediately! This will help you get a better gauge on their style, vision, and ideal client.