Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Alyssa Parker Photography 


1. They Will Help You Stick to Your Budget

A wedding planner will know which details can be foregone to save you money, and which vendors and venues have the best price for their service. When planning alone, it is easy to continue throwing money into your wedding. However, with a wedding planner, you discuss your budget in depth, and they will be your guide to staying on track. 

2. They Will Save You Time

Planning a wedding is much more time-consuming than you may think. While you are busy, your wedding planner will be working diligently to find you the highest rated vendors and venues at the right price. They are also great with scheduling and planning, so nothing about the process seems rushed. 

3. They Will Execute Your Vision

Pinning gorgeous wedding venues comes naturally for most bride-to-be's, and a wedding planner will execute your vision as best as they can while being realistic and sticking to your budget. You may not know where to start, or you may have everything planned out in your head yet are in need of ideas for the small details. A wedding planner will guide you in the right direction, and also has so many ideas of their own! 

4. They Will Take the Stress Off You Day-Of

The day of your wedding should be nothing but blissful-chatting with your bridesmaids as you get your hair done, all while sipping on champagne. Making sure that everyone is where they need to be when they need to be is not on your agenda, so why not leave this up to the wedding planner? 

5. They Will Problem-Solve

When something goes awry, say poor weather on your wedding day, a great wedding planner will have anticipated every little mishap. Chances are, they have tents, umbrellas and an indoor ceremony venue ready to go.