Lavender and Gray Art Gallery Wedding


Fro the Photographer:

Another Saturday has come and gone. Another couple swayed on the dance floor, excitedly cut their cake, promised to always be there for one another. Another couple was surrounded by friends and family lovingly showering them with support. 

Oh man. I left their engagement session with sore cheeks, a happy heart, and this sense of energy. These two are the epitome of playful and their wedding day was no different then their that session. Their parents are full of the same playful energy so it's no doubt where these two got their contagious sense of humor.

Shannon and Blake celebrated their love at the Woodwalk Gallery in Door County. Shannon was telling me that day that they were in Door County & stumbled across the Woodwalk, popped in for a visit and realized that this is where they'd be married. Let me tell you, the Woodwalk is AMAZING. It's a unique venue filled with art pieces. Each corner contains more beautiful light then the next & gives a slight twist on your typical barn. I am so hoping that I have another opportunity to work here again someday.

It’s nights like tonight that I sit back and marvel at the beauty I’m surrounded by. This life. The one that has me witnessing love like Shannon & Blake’s. It’s really dang special. Wishing these two a lifetime full of happiness. I like both these people a real lot.