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For many parents and relatives, it will be difficult to see you getting married and beginning a new life with your partner. To show your love for your family, you may want to consider incorporating them into the ceremony and reception in some way! Little touches can go a long way, and will make your wedding much more meaningful for everyone. In the end, the day is about more than the joining of you and your partner. It is about the joining of families, and the ongoing support that they provide for your marriage. What better way to thank them than make them a part of your big day? 

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1. Honor family traditions-whether this be religious, cultural, or simply a tradition in your family, incorporating a tradition into your ceremony will honor and acknowledge your family!

2. Combining sand into a bottle, planting a tree together, or a lighting a unity candle are just a few examples of rituals that can be performed at the ceremony to not only symbolize the joining of the married couple, but also the joining of the families. Children, parents and grandparents may even partake in the ritual. 

3. Invite a relative or close friend to sing at your wedding. A simple tune sung as guests are taking their seat will make this person know that they are important to you and your wedding. 

4. Ask your dad and mom to walk you down the aisle. It may be tradition for your dad, or another influential man in your life, to walk you down the aisle, but your mom has played a huge role in your life as well!

5. Revamp your mother or grandmother's dress for your own day, or take a small section and sew it into your new wedding dress. If this is not possible, wear a loved one's earrings, necklace, bracelet, hair clip or vail on your wedding day. 

6. Serve a family recipe at the reception. For an intimate ceremony, you can ask your family to work together to create the meal. For a larger ceremony, you can pass the recipe along to a chef or caterer to deliver the recipe in large portions. 

7. Ask a family member to be ordained so they can officiate your ceremony. 

8. Display family photos of both partner's parents and grandparents on their own wedding days. This will be a fun trip down memory lane for many guests, as they can see how wedding trends have changed over time. 

9. Invite a family member to read a passage or blessing at the ceremony. 

10. For the younger siblings, nieces and nephews, handing out ceremony programs or running around the reception with a camera to snap candids of guests are both fun ways to keep them occupied and involved!