15 Gifts for Your Future Husband


Traditionally, a small gift is delivered to your groom as you are preparing for the ceremony. Here are 15 ways to tug at his heart strings! 

1. A box of personalized notes, date night ideas, memories or reasons why you want to marry them

2. A watch, with the option to engrave your wedding day on the back

3. Leather wallet, complete with pocket photos of the two of you

4. Cologne

5. Engraved cuff links

6. A scrapbook showcasing your relationship

7. Framed photo, drawing or painting

8. Personalized bottle opener, along with alcohol to calm his nerves

9. Letter from the bride or "open when..." envelopes

10. Vintage camera to take photos throughout the day

11. Leather belt

12. A nice set of tools, golf clubs, BBQ equipment...whatever their hobby is!

13. Engraved Swiss army knife

14. Vinyl record player

15. Suitcase or backpack for your honeymoon


Casey Hurley Photography

KLEM Studios

Photography by Brittany